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powerspace is done. [
2.17.10 - 7.04pm

from the tumblr postCollapse )

miss you guys and best of luck to all your future endeavors.
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fuck yeah [
8.17.09 - 10.24pm

so, particularspace and i decided to create a "fuck yeah powerspace" tumblr. basically, we're just posting a shit ton of random pictures on there.
so follow us on tumblr!
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oh man... powerspace on the radio. [
5.27.09 - 7.30pm

from the band's twitter:
fearless radio tomorrow at 3 PM (PST) / 5 PM (CST) / 6 PM (EST) www.fearlessradio.com to listen!
i'm pretty sure they have podcasts of the shows on their site after it airs. you can call the station at 312-224-8273 or im them at "fearlessradio00".
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New video posted on inklingsTV [
3.31.09 - 11.49am


inklings.TV | Myspace | Twitter

(crossposted to a bunch of places, sorry if you see this a couple times.)
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Studio Updates! [
3.23.09 - 9.45pm

from the myspace blogCollapse )

Current mood:  insubordinate

Did you know we have a studio blog that we all update every other day? It's right here:


Check it out!

Currently listening:
Some Girls
By The Rolling Stones
Release date: 1994-07-26
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inklingsTV From the Vault- Powerspace [
3.17.09 - 3.38pm

We're starting a new series of videos on inklingsTV called From the Vault-- unseen footage from our past interviews. The first installment features some leftover footage from our interview with Powerspace last summer...click the picture below to take a look!

inklings.TV | Myspace | Twitter
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it's coming~ [
2.21.09 - 8.46pm

[ mood | okay ]


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this comm is so dead. [
2.15.09 - 3.13am

i'm selling a starfish tee here if anyone's interested.
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AP.net's Year End List ft. Powerspace [
12.29.08 - 5.08pm

Powerspace have contributed to ap.net's end of the year list with their "Top 10" of the year.
You can check it out here, along with hundreds of other bands' lists.
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Happy Holidays! [
12.26.08 - 4.18pm


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Buzznet xmas song stream [
12.17.08 - 7.02pm

Powerspace (and This Providence and The Friday Night Boys) have a song on Buzznet that can be streamed here or you can download the song I've ripped here. According to Tom on ap.net, "fyi powerspace's is a 2006 demo."
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Picture of Tom with KH in January 09 issue of AP [
11.29.08 - 2.22pm

This isn't really news, but I thought it was kinda cool. Thispicture of Tom with Kill Hannah was in AP for their "year in review." There is also a little blurb about the accident.
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Interview with Tom and Alec [
9.14.08 - 2.57pm

so toward's the end Tom says something about American Machine (new album title?) coming out in March/April of 2009? or did i hear wrong?
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11.9.08 - 4.55pm
If this isn't allowed I will delete it. I made an Action Item community so ~feel free~ to join. action_item

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Update from tom!! [
10.26.08 - 12.17pm


Saturday, October 25, 2008


Bus Fire Update
Current mood: hyper
Category: Travel and Places

Hey it's Tom, writing from Belfast Ireland. Belfast seems cool but it's raining right now...

Things are getting back up to speed on tour with Kill Hannah. The first two shows back since the bus fire were incredible, great crowds, great energy. It's pretty incredible that the band and My Passion (support band/busmates) were able to pull everything together in 2 days enough to play a show. Were still obviously working on replacing all the stuff we lost, but we were able to find some malls and music shops to replace enough of the clothes and gear to hit the stage. Also thanks so much to the fans and clothing companies that have been sending and bringing clothes and socks and shoes and guitar picks, etc.

I've posted Kill Hannah's statement about the fire below (didn't work last time..). Also, I'll post some links to videos and pictures of the bus fire. Some of the videos and pictures are pretty incredible. Many of the pictures and videos were taken just seconds after we got off the bus (you can see my passion walking away in one). It makes us realize how life-threatening the fire was and how lucky we were to get off unscathed - apart from breathing in some nasty smoke. Pretty crazy stuff. Be home soon!

-TomMore...Collapse )

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Update from tom. [
10.22.08 - 10.09am


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ohhhh, the bus is on fire...
Category: Travel and Places

hey everyone,

yesterday morning while driving from bologna, italy to paris kill hannahs tour bus caught on fire. (im filling in on guitar for their european tour). everyone got off safely, but within seconds the bus was engulfed in flames. some people lost everything. i was lucky enough to recover my computer, passport, and charred - but sortof working - phone. the bus is completely destroyed, so we are in switzerland waiting for a new bus. everyone is okay though, and everyone is keeping spirits high despite the material losses and having to cancel the paris and belgium shows. heres kill hannahs statement about it below.

i..ve never missed the e350 so bad,

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Kill Hannah Tour Bus caught fire. [
10.21.08 - 10.57pm

[ mood | shocked ]

We have just had word from Kill Hannah that their tour bus caught fire in the Swiss Alps.

The band have lost all their possessions that we on the bus, and will update Kerrang! shortly as to whether their upcoming UK dates will be affected.

We have had the following message from the band's management:

“Well it is literally going down now...the fire is going out, and they are letting firefighters on the bus to see if there is anything salvageable.

Bus was driving from Bologna Italy where they played last night to Paris for show tomorrow. They are in the Swiss Alps, closest city is Airolo, Switzerland.

They were sleeping and bus filled with smoke and they realized it was on fire...something from the engine must’ve started it...the bunks are all pretty much melted...but everyone is out alive and uninjured, which is the important thing.

Apparently the bunk section is particularly bad, some of the bunks collapsed onto each other and melted....”


Just fyi, tom is currently touring with them if you missed that memo.

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9.29.08 - 11.39am

Poll #1269176 Do you like our new layout?

What Kind of computer are you using?


What kind of browser are you using?

Do you like the current layout?

I don't really pay attention

Any Suggestions? (keep them short please)

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Kevin Blogged [
9.29.08 - 10.56am


Monday, September 29, 2008


greetings from lolville
Current mood: awake

Hi, all!  As Tom rocks faces off in the UK, the rest of us wait anxiously for the final mixes of our recently-recorded EP.  Shouldn't be too long, now, 'til you guys can hear it.  I've been saying this a whole lot, but... it's really gonna knock your socks off.  Consider getting some more socks.

I've been sorting out a lot of old emails.  I stumbled across an email that the rest of the band (I'm sure I was doing homework or something) sent to our old manager about the gear we wanted provided for us at a certain show.  Take a look:


Additional Items: 

*1 Mach V Gillette Razor and Shaving Cream

*50 gallon drum of texas roadhouse chili

*$40,000 (unmarked bills)

*a shower with a steam room feature

*John Janick's home address and spare house key

*keys to John Janick's car

*4 matching jetskis (with Powerspace logos)

*a scantron machine (for grading audience exams…fans will get their tests back at the next show.  Higher grades will get you merch discounts or free tix.  ((People will want to come back to see their score, and keep their grades up…obv.)

*a little man.

*a firetruck with a hose that shoots liquid chocolate

*a girlfriend for Kevin

*new clothes for Kevin

*less books about Plato for Kevin

*tickets to the 2014 Super Bowl (Powerspace vs. the New York Giants)

*a case of Milwaukee's Beast Light

*some high powered fireworks and condenser mics that will probably break when we record them ('them' being the fireworks)

*500 indie-cred points

*a Honda Passport SUV

*world peace

*13 hit songs



~ Kevin
Currently listening :
By King Crimson
Release date: By 2004-11-22

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Powerspace are models [
9.28.08 - 11.06pm

The band can be seen modeling some shirts and scarves from RADASH. You can check out some full-sizes socness posted on fbr_trash.
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